Monday, March 26, 2012

Stanley Park

There are great benefits to being in this season of life! I remind myself this when I see someone holding a cute baby. Days like this past Saturday are something I do not want to take for granted! Wes and I were both off work, what joy! Too add to this joy the sun was out to break up this cold Washington weather we have been enduring. After Wes got home from work we started to think of an adventure to go out and do for the afternoon. My family is not much into the tall buildings and crazy traffic of cities, so growing up we never ventured to Vancouver. I have now experienced it several times with Wes and his family though! We packed our lunch, stopped at the Woods for Upside-Down Ice Carmel Americanos, and hit the boarder wait. The never ending drive through Vancouver was worth it when we arrive at Stanley Park. I loved the view as we biked! I am not sure about all the people who did not know how to bike, it is so nerve racking to watch the person in front of you who can't keep the handle bar straight! Nor do people understand the "on your left phrase" please move over I would like to pass. I surely loved getting to bike next to my smiling husband and smell the ocean and see the water with buildings and boats and people. If that had not been enough it was followed up with dinner at Red Robbins, look at how many sauces they brought me. Oh joy! The perfect day. We are so blessed.


  1. Sounds wonderful! So glad summer is on its way :)

  2. How fun, enjoy this time together! Have as many fun memories as you can!
    Love, Priscilla