Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Saturday

     This is my pizza dough which is currently rising in the oven. I am a bit skeptical of it. It is for a "thin" crust pizza, but I am not sure how this little bit of dough will spread out into matter how thin! Hoping for a tasty outcome non-the-less.


     This is a cute little basket from a box of Beckie's things. It is for a table center piece for the ladies retreat this next upcoming weekend. I am having fun with lots of fabric and some amazing tools that I get to own preparing a small square to go under the basket. It is involving some mustard yellow embroidery floss and big stitches to make a quilted look. Can't wait to see how these turn out in the end as well!

     This is what my poor husband is drugged on. I discovered it last year when I had to go to work super sick a few days (ew!). We normally are not big into such chemically looking things in bottles, but today is an exception. He worked yesterday and during the night didn't get
much sleep.  

     I am sure he will appreciate having his picture taken and posted. :) He is still snoozing away and I wanted to capture how cute he looks all sick. Even though I feel very bad for him, he does look pretty cute.

Off to top the pizza with some veggies! It is a movie night for us!
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  1. Cute post sis. He definitely has his sick look to him. Sounds like you are busy with the retreat prep!!