Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fourth

I always enjoy the bang and beauty of fireworks, but this year it felt extra special. There have been many memories to look back on, things that we ask each other, "Do you remember when we did that or this?" I remember last year over the Fourth of July thinking more about how special Wes was becoming to me. We had been courting for over six months, and I knew that I liked him a lot! We went to see the fireworks at the Bay with my brother and his fiance. This year as we walked to go join the crowd to see the show, Wes and I were remembering how we walked behind them last year, watching them hold hands. At the time we wondered when the Lord would see fit to work it out that that would be us. 

This year, what a fun thing, we got to go together as an engaged couple!  Sitting there in the dark with the crowd next to my Honey, looking back and knowing how blessed I was, all the while seeing big burst of color...I think it is one of my favorite engagement memories so far. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a Little Bit Happy

I remember that night how fun it was to show off the ring to our families. There was a little surprise party at my parents house, some of the pictures from that time make my laugh. My face seems to be stuck in some kind of very excited, yet unflattering, smile. I surely had a good reason to be excited!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Engagement

     It is very simply a story of His goodness, that week we became engaged to one another. I am enjoying looking back to almost three months ago. What a sweet memory that is. I remember it was a special Sunday because it was just a few shorts days after Wes became a career member of the team of firefighters in Ferndale. He had planned a picnic to celebrate his being done with his oral board exam for the job, which was really a cover up for the asking of a big question!

     I must admit I was hopeful, he had everything planned so well. He even made sure a few days before that I had a picnic blanket to bring since the one they had wasn't as cute. As the day rolled on I decided it was the perfect day. It was sunny and so warm, what an amazing blessing in the middle of April here! We went together to Haggens to fill our picnic basket, I enjoyed getting to pick different things out. A drive out Chukanut was glorious, followed by a walk in the sunshine.

     It was so fun that day, up to his proposing, how Wes talked with me about different things that were special to him, such as his hopes for his new job and for our future. After our picnic by the waterfront, when he started telling my why He thought the Lord had made me so perfect for him, he asked me to come stand with him at the waters edge. It was so surreal to see him kneel down in front of me, holding my hands, and say the phrase I had been so excited to hear..."Shelby, I love you, will you marry me?" What joy, it spread a smile across my face like no other. The ring he put on my finger was just what I had wanted, and he had planned the day just how I would have if it were left up to me. It was the perfect day!  I am thankful for the man I get to marry, in a very short time. I am thankful for the joy of being engaged, and the excitement of looking forward to the next step.