Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids and Careers

     Wes got an email from one of the other "probies" at his work a few days ago wondering if he could do a short presentation at a career fair at WCC. He had been asked to do it, but it was his work day. Wes got to do it instead! I got to go along for the ride. He is so nice to let his wife tag along to things, I am glad he enjoys it because it is fun to get to see what he is doing! It really does make me feel more part of his world, hearing things from stories later is mostly what makes up for not seeing him for 24 hrs when he is at work, but whenever I can tag along I think it is awesome! He did great getting down to the high school kids level, and encouraging them to work hard towards a goal. It is so interesting to think about where these kids will be down the road, who knows, Wes could have planted some advice that will help them practically later on. I thought he looked pretty sweet in the teachers spot, and no...I didn't bring my camera and no one was watching when I took this. It was just a quick snap with his itouch, otherwise he might have second thoughts about bringing me along next time. *grin*

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mailbox Surprise

 Life is so full of good things. One of them being a church full of ladies who are able to get together for a more extended time for a retreat. Another good thing is a sister-in-law who graduated from WWU! Whohoo. Both happened on the same weekend. After getting to be in on some of the planning for the retreat I was sad to miss out on the Saturday session, Friday evening left me very excited for the ladies who got to stay and hear more of the things the speaker had prepared to share. While I was excited, the once in a life time "good thing" of my sister-in-law won the day! So amazed at her accomplishments! Another good thing to celebrate is a sweet friend who was thinking of me that Saturday. She saved some of the extra craft supplies so I could enjoy doing and having this adorable project! Look at the cute way she packaged it and all! Thank you Annie for thinking of me, and the good gift of your friendship. I have very much enjoyed this surprise.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Celebration

My firefighter is on duty right now. I am so very proud of him! Today was one of the milestone for him within his year of probation. He had a test today, not the ordinary kind of test where you are in a classroom. That was part of it, he did fill out a typical test paper. What he did that really amazes me is that he operated a big ladder truck with no help, all the while being observed by one of the chiefs. No second set of hands or other pair of eyes. Just him! To think of him in his handsome blue uniform doing something so cool, ah yes, I am proud! The Lord blessed his diligence, he passed the written test and the important practical. These are for him, a little way to celebrate in the morning. I will be off at work by the time he comes home tomorrow, but it is fun to leave something special for him to enjoy to say....yippee! I am so very proud of you Honey, of your job and the work that goes with it helping others, and of your faithfulness in what you have been given to do.

(the recipe, I highly recommend it

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stanley Park

There are great benefits to being in this season of life! I remind myself this when I see someone holding a cute baby. Days like this past Saturday are something I do not want to take for granted! Wes and I were both off work, what joy! Too add to this joy the sun was out to break up this cold Washington weather we have been enduring. After Wes got home from work we started to think of an adventure to go out and do for the afternoon. My family is not much into the tall buildings and crazy traffic of cities, so growing up we never ventured to Vancouver. I have now experienced it several times with Wes and his family though! We packed our lunch, stopped at the Woods for Upside-Down Ice Carmel Americanos, and hit the boarder wait. The never ending drive through Vancouver was worth it when we arrive at Stanley Park. I loved the view as we biked! I am not sure about all the people who did not know how to bike, it is so nerve racking to watch the person in front of you who can't keep the handle bar straight! Nor do people understand the "on your left phrase" please move over I would like to pass. I surely loved getting to bike next to my smiling husband and smell the ocean and see the water with buildings and boats and people. If that had not been enough it was followed up with dinner at Red Robbins, look at how many sauces they brought me. Oh joy! The perfect day. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Date Night

I love these pictures that Wes took! They were taken right before an evening that we got to spend going out to eat and to a movie. I am so blessed to have a guy who surprises me from time to time with such outings. He asked me to dress up a little and didn't tell me where we were going. I just can't stand surprises, so I guessed the whole drive to dinner which place we might be going to. Such fun anticipation!

It makes me laugh watching him take these kind of photos. He got his lights all set up and the settings on his camera adjusted just right, then the fun begins. While I stand and happily do nothing he runs back and forth pushing the buttom and then posing and smiling, back to see if it turned out, adjusting it, back and forth...and the result is we get to save pictures of us like these with no arm jutting out the side like most of our twosome pictures are. Notice the pretty pink rose he came home with too. It smelled amazing, but was sweetest for the thought.

Almost six month, so few, so much to learn and lean on Him for, and so fun!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Saturday

     This is my pizza dough which is currently rising in the oven. I am a bit skeptical of it. It is for a "thin" crust pizza, but I am not sure how this little bit of dough will spread out into matter how thin! Hoping for a tasty outcome non-the-less.


     This is a cute little basket from a box of Beckie's things. It is for a table center piece for the ladies retreat this next upcoming weekend. I am having fun with lots of fabric and some amazing tools that I get to own preparing a small square to go under the basket. It is involving some mustard yellow embroidery floss and big stitches to make a quilted look. Can't wait to see how these turn out in the end as well!

     This is what my poor husband is drugged on. I discovered it last year when I had to go to work super sick a few days (ew!). We normally are not big into such chemically looking things in bottles, but today is an exception. He worked yesterday and during the night didn't get
much sleep.  

     I am sure he will appreciate having his picture taken and posted. :) He is still snoozing away and I wanted to capture how cute he looks all sick. Even though I feel very bad for him, he does look pretty cute.

Off to top the pizza with some veggies! It is a movie night for us!
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