Saturday, June 30, 2012

Impressed by my Mocha :)

The beauty of living in a rainy land is the local coffee shops who put so much into their coffee! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

How We Celebrate

Our usual, sharing an order of Chicken Fettuccine


Shrimp Appetizer

Lots of tasty food on a night out to celebrate His goodness! Love these dates with my hubby.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Homemaker Gone Pro

This has been me, the barrista, for a year and a half. Many espresso shots later I am moving into a new season of life. I am thrilled to pieces about the change of schedule. I was so thankful at the time to get this job when I did, the Lord's timing is good in both coming and going. Now after a short and wonderful time of being married I am "retiring" to focus more on home.
Even though it will probably be just the two of us for a while still, one of the reasons for me quiting the coffee shop was to be able to enjoy this season to the fullest, just "us" only happens once! 

 A disclaimer for my fellow younger married ladies is that I really think there is nothing wrong with working outside the home before kids, as long as you have your husbands support and encouragement. For my friends with more energy, and for those who love their jobs, and to those who are being great helpers to their husbands by working a bit...I think you guys are pretty awesome.

We are looking forward to being more flexible to: attend family gatherings, go camping, and do more outdoorsy things over the summer! Wes is excited at the thought of having me here when he arrives home from work, what a joy that is! We are also looking forward to getting to work on projects and ministries together, with me bugging him or helping.

Ask me about the adventures I have planned if you are curios, they will probably include some form of canning, biking in our beautiful Northwest, soaking up sunshine, walks with Wes, visits with grandmas, coffee with friends, meals with family, some scrapbooking (requested by Wes, boy what a hard request), a bit of sewing, and keeping our home a clean and welcoming place! 

 Come for a homemade espresso...I will probably be here smiling away.

Cheers to Woods, may you do well, I will miss my Cedar Iced Americanos with White Chocolate!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Nikon D7000

 This past weekend we got to take the ferry to San Juan Island. It was partly for fun, party for the purpose of looking at a camera that was listed on craigslist. I was glad we were able to arrange it so that I could go along after getting off work! We were thankful we made the ferry, barely made it would be more accurate! We were running down from the upper parking lot hoping we would make it. Thankfully there were a lot of other people getting on too, slowing down the ferry, so we did make it.

While on the ferry we got to enjoy the view (the itouch photo does not do it justice!). We went through some of Wes' flashcards for his last test on the roads of Ferndale. We were blessed with the ideal day, it was sunny and warm. After meeting up with the man selling the camera we got to walk around town and admirer the cute shops and the harbor. We even ordered one of our favorite things, Pad Thai, and shared it in the sun on the ferry dock.

What a nice afternoon! The "fun" of the journey was great, and we even accomplished the mission and got the camera. Wesley has been very patient with upgrading his current one. He has been eyeing this particular one but did not have any extremely important reason for putting out that kind of cash. We decided to invest though, in the one he has been looking at, with the realization that it also takes high definition video! I am excited for him to have a project that has such beautiful products. Anyone needing a wedding videographer? ;)

A photo from the new camera as we were landing.....