Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mailbox Surprise

 Life is so full of good things. One of them being a church full of ladies who are able to get together for a more extended time for a retreat. Another good thing is a sister-in-law who graduated from WWU! Whohoo. Both happened on the same weekend. After getting to be in on some of the planning for the retreat I was sad to miss out on the Saturday session, Friday evening left me very excited for the ladies who got to stay and hear more of the things the speaker had prepared to share. While I was excited, the once in a life time "good thing" of my sister-in-law won the day! So amazed at her accomplishments! Another good thing to celebrate is a sweet friend who was thinking of me that Saturday. She saved some of the extra craft supplies so I could enjoy doing and having this adorable project! Look at the cute way she packaged it and all! Thank you Annie for thinking of me, and the good gift of your friendship. I have very much enjoyed this surprise.

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  1. What a great friend and a special surprise! If you need directions on what to do, I pinned them over on pinterest on my crafting board. ;-)