Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids and Careers

     Wes got an email from one of the other "probies" at his work a few days ago wondering if he could do a short presentation at a career fair at WCC. He had been asked to do it, but it was his work day. Wes got to do it instead! I got to go along for the ride. He is so nice to let his wife tag along to things, I am glad he enjoys it because it is fun to get to see what he is doing! It really does make me feel more part of his world, hearing things from stories later is mostly what makes up for not seeing him for 24 hrs when he is at work, but whenever I can tag along I think it is awesome! He did great getting down to the high school kids level, and encouraging them to work hard towards a goal. It is so interesting to think about where these kids will be down the road, who knows, Wes could have planted some advice that will help them practically later on. I thought he looked pretty sweet in the teachers spot, and no...I didn't bring my camera and no one was watching when I took this. It was just a quick snap with his itouch, otherwise he might have second thoughts about bringing me along next time. *grin*

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