Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Celebration

My firefighter is on duty right now. I am so very proud of him! Today was one of the milestone for him within his year of probation. He had a test today, not the ordinary kind of test where you are in a classroom. That was part of it, he did fill out a typical test paper. What he did that really amazes me is that he operated a big ladder truck with no help, all the while being observed by one of the chiefs. No second set of hands or other pair of eyes. Just him! To think of him in his handsome blue uniform doing something so cool, ah yes, I am proud! The Lord blessed his diligence, he passed the written test and the important practical. These are for him, a little way to celebrate in the morning. I will be off at work by the time he comes home tomorrow, but it is fun to leave something special for him to enjoy to say....yippee! I am so very proud of you Honey, of your job and the work that goes with it helping others, and of your faithfulness in what you have been given to do.

(the recipe, I highly recommend it http://sweetapolita.com/2011/03/cinnabon-style-gourmet-cinnamon-buns/)

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  1. Congrats bro. You inspire me!

    And shelbs, you could make anyone break their diet with your baking! Mua!