Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Start

     My hope for a new post is that I will continue to post. As I continue to post I would love for this blog to be a place for me to write down small things about this big season of life. I would love to post some things for others to enjoy and maybe smile over, and also for me to use this space as a way of documenting and remembering the things I loved about this season.

     So as this blog got her new background and look for her second start, I was multitasking between frustrated grunts with the computer and test tasting cookies as they came out of the over. What better place to start than to start in my kitchen. I absolutely love my kitchen, I love taking the time to wipe-up all the crumbs I seem to leave all over so that I have a sparkly counter, I love taking the time to do my meal planning for the week, I love trying simple, new recipes, and I love when a cute husband comes and helps me with the dishes as he did yesterday.

I love the yellow kitchen aid most of all
I love the super full and messy drawer with the containers for Wes's meals for his work days
I love the old fashioned soap dispenser that Wes picked out when we were registering and the pink sponge
I love the company and little sounds from Jeffrey our cocktail makes
I love the good smells that come from the kitchen
I love turning out the light and saying good night to my kitchen

Yes, I am enjoying this part of our new season.


  1. Shelby - I love your description of your kitchen and your blog page is beautiful. I think you should post some pics of your sparkly counter tops and yellow mixer. How nice that your sweet hubby helps with the dishes. Hugs, Karen

  2. Celebrating that you are posting again! Looking forward to reading all the thoughts and pics you share. <3 <3

  3. Shelby,
    I smiled over your post and thanked God for you!
    I also really enjoyed your chocolate cookies! :)

  4. I can't wait to come see your little kitchen soon! You are the cutest little housewife there ever was and I hope that one day I can spread as much warmth, love, and coziness to a home as I know you do to yours!

  5. what a fun post.... i LOVE that you love being married :)
    your new yellow background is awesome!