Monday, July 23, 2012

Horse Fun!

 I was one of those girls who read a stack of horse books, dreamed while looking at pictures of horses, and became ecstatic if I got to ride a real live one! While I don't drool over horse books anymore, I still enjoy the incredible beauty that our Creator put into these animals!

What better than two sweet girls, who love horses as well, to go with you on a adventure in hopes of spying a horse!? Katherine and Frances were such fun company as we wandered around the Draft Horse Show in Lynden this past weekend. There was not much happening as it was the afternoon, but there was a small show going on for part of the time. Not to over-tell of the sweetness of these girls, but they were so content as we just enjoyed what was there. We managed to find some facepainting at the Raspberry Festival (again no complaints with the!) and very much enjoyed a close up view of the foal. You can see it in the picture, it was missing its mom and letting everyone know that she should be with him and not out in the ring. Even though it was not as big of a show as I was hoping for, seeing this little fuzzy guy made it very worth it. A big thank you to those two for tagging along with me and keeping me company. A summer highlight!

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